free embroidery Designs - List of free embroidery sites

Free embroidery designs are available in loads over internet, Their are many site providing free embroidery design. I have downloaded many of the collection of embriodery design Some of them are for free while you can also buy them online.

Their are lots of collection for machine embroidery design, hand embriodery design.

List of the best sites provide embriodery design for free or commercial embriodery design:-

This site do have good collection design for embriodery. I suggest do visit this site All the design listed on this is nautural and machine embroidery designs are also avalable.

I suggest you please check this site it,s an russian site but i find on of the best collections are available on his site. Design in embroidery is really one of important process and this dude really rocks. You can also purchase embroidery design from him.

If you are looking for something odd kind of design then here we go. Just visit this website having a collection of animal embroidery design They also do have hand embriodery designs .


SamanthaLorrie said...

I've been looking all over for machine embroidery designs, thank you SO much for the link! Do these designs only work for certain machines, or can you use them for most of them? I have an old Brother, do these work for Brothers?